What our audience says...


"One of the most fun shows I have ever seen!" - picky New Yorker

"Laugh out loud fun was good for my soul." - Ramona C.

"That was a lot of fun!  Great show, hysterically funny!"- Lesly

"Amazingly funny." - Adam K.

"This is how Broadway used to be." - another picky New Yorker

"What great entertainment about the broad spectrum of silliness
  that goes on in relationships!"  - tour group host

  "We loved everything about it." - Kim W.

"The show was very clever and funny." - Greg S.

"Fun, friendly and welcoming. Loved the pre-show activities!" - Nelli

"Just what the doctor ordered!!" - couple who had a big fight earlier in the day

"We laughed harder than we have in years." - tourist from Colorado

"My wife and I are going to start having more fun together!"
- one of our favorite post-show comments


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